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Belhaven University Will Change Your Life 2024

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Belhaven University: Imagine a university experience that equips you for professional success while nurturing your spiritual growth. This isn’t just a dream; it’s the reality at Belhaven University, a private evangelical Christian university nestled in Jackson, Mississippi. Founded in 1883, Belhaven offers a unique blend of rigorous academics and a strong Christian worldview, shaping students to become leaders who can make a positive impact on the world.

A Spectrum of Academic Opportunities

Belhaven caters to a variety of interests with a diverse range of academic programs. Undergraduates can pursue traditional majors in fields like business, education, science, and the humanities. The university also offers programs in general studies and pre-professional programs for those seeking careers in medicine, dentistry, law, and nursing.

For those with a passion for the arts, Belhaven holds a special distinction. They are one of only 36 universities nationwide accredited in all four major arts disciplines: visual arts, music, dance, and theater. This recognition speaks volumes about the quality and comprehensiveness of their arts programs.

A Flourishing Faith-Based Community

Campus life is vibrant, offering a variety of clubs and organizations that cater to diverse interests. With 15 NCAA Division III athletic teams, students can find their niche and contribute to a spirited school atmosphere. Whether you choose on-campus living or the flexibility of online programs, Belhaven cultivates a sense of belonging and connection.

Belhaven University

Flexibility Through Online Learning

Recognizing the needs of today’s learners, Belhaven offers a robust online learning platform. Students can pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates entirely online. This flexibility allows individuals to complete their education at their own pace and convenience, regardless of location. Whether you’re a busy professional or someone seeking a specific program not offered locally, Belhaven’s online options cater to your needs.

More Than Just an Education

A Belhaven education is more than just acquiring knowledge and skills. The university’s core values emphasize academic excellence alongside spiritual growth, fostering well-rounded individuals prepared to make a difference. Their emphasis on:

  • Academic Excellence: Equipping students with the knowledge and tools to succeed in their chosen fields.
  • Christian Worldview: Integrating faith into all aspects of learning and encouraging spiritual development.
  • Supportive Community: Providing a nurturing environment where students can form lasting friendships and grow together.
  • Character Development: Instilling values of integrity, service, and leadership in future generations.

Is Belhaven Right for You?

If you’re seeking a Christ-centered education that values both academic achievement and spiritual exploration, Belhaven University could be the perfect fit. Their diverse academic offerings, vibrant campus life, and commitment to online learning cater to a wide range of students. Explore their website at to discover how Belhaven University can empower you to thrive academically and spiritually.

What is Belhaven University ranked?

Belhaven University’s rankings depend on the ranking organization and specific category. Here’s a breakdown of some notable rankings:

  • U.S. News & World Report: Belhaven University is ranked in the #395-435 range out of 439 National Universities in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges US News Belhaven Ranking
  • U.S. News & World Report – Specific Category: Belhaven was also recognized for its online programs, ranking #138 for Best Online Bachelor’s Program and #74 among Best Online Bachelor’s Programs for Veterans in the 2024 edition US News Belhaven Online Ranking
  • Niche: Niche provides various rankings based on different factors. Here are some of Belhaven’s rankings on Niche (as of March 7, 2024):
    • Best Colleges for Sports Management in America: 38 of 454
    • Best Christian Colleges in America: 52 of 333
    • Best Colleges for Religious Studies in America: 55 of 378
    • Best College Dorms in America: 74 of 1,363
  • Times Higher Education World University Rankings: Belhaven isn’t listed among the top universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, but their website confirms Belhaven’s accreditation and details some of their program offerings Times Higher Education Belhaven.

It’s important to consider which ranking factors are most important to you when evaluating a university. Belhaven may not be at the top of every national ranking, but they excel in specific areas like online programs and Christian education.

What is the acceptance rate for Belhaven University?

Belhaven University has an acceptance rate of 46%. Half the applicants admitted to Belhaven who submitted test scores have an SAT score between 980 and 1200 or an ACT score of 18 and 24.

What is Belhaven known for?

Belhaven University is known for a few key things:

  • Christ-Centered Education: Belhaven integrates faith into all aspects of learning, fostering a strong Christian worldview alongside academic pursuits. This focus attracts students seeking a Christ-centered education.
  • Strong Arts Programs: Belhaven holds a unique distinction as one of only 36 universities nationwide accredited in all four major arts disciplines: visual arts, music, dance, and theater. This recognition speaks volumes about the quality and comprehensiveness of their arts programs.
  • Supportive Community: Belhaven cultivates a welcoming and nurturing environment where students can develop their talents, grow in their faith, and form lasting friendships. This is evident through their religious activities, organizations, and vibrant campus life.
  • Diverse Academic Offerings: While known for the arts, Belhaven offers a wide range of traditional undergraduate majors, programs in general studies, and pre-professional programs for various fields. This caters to a variety of student interests.
  • Flexible Online Learning: Recognizing the needs of today’s learners, Belhaven offers robust online programs, allowing students to pursue degrees at their own pace and convenience. This is ideal for working professionals or those seeking programs not offered locally.

In summary, Belhaven University is known for its unique blend of academic excellence, a strong Christian foundation, a supportive community, diverse academic offerings, and the flexibility of online learning.

How big is Belhaven University?

Belhaven University

Belhaven University’s size can be measured in a few ways, depending on what aspect you’re interested in:

  • Student Enrollment:
    • Belhaven has a relatively small student body. Based on available information:
      • Total enrollment is likely between 4,000 and 4,300, including both undergraduate and graduate students (Data USA).
      • Undergraduate enrollment specifically is around 1,500 (U.S. News & World Report).
  • Campus Size:
    • The physical campus in Jackson, Mississippi is fairly compact, spanning approximately 42 acres.

Here’s a comparison to provide context:

  • Small Colleges: Belhaven falls within the typical range of a small private college in the US.
  • National Universities: Compared to larger national universities, Belhaven’s student body and campus size are significantly smaller.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Online Programs: While the physical campus is small, Belhaven offers online programs, reaching students virtually and potentially extending their overall size in terms of total learners.
  • Community Feel: The smaller student body can contribute to a close-knit campus community where students receive personalized attention.

Overall, Belhaven University is a relatively small institution with a strong focus on fostering a Christ-centered learning environment and a supportive community.

How old is Belhaven?

Belhaven University has a rich history dating back to 1883.  They were founded through the merger of Mississippi Synodical College and McComb Female Institute.  This means that in 2024, Belhaven University is celebrating its 141st year of operation.

What GPA do you need to get into Belhaven University?

he minimum GPA requirement to get into Belhaven University is 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. This applies to both high school transcripts and transfer students coming from other colleges.

However, having a 2.0 GPA might not guarantee admission, especially with a competitive applicant pool. Here’s a more nuanced look at GPA and Belhaven admissions:

  • Average GPA: The average GPA of Belhaven students is around 3.5. This suggests that aiming for a GPA closer to this range would make you a more competitive applicant.
  • Test Scores: Standardized test scores like the SAT or ACT can play a role in admissions decisions, particularly if your GPA falls below the average. Scoring well on these tests can help compensate for a lower GPA.
  • “Test-Optional” Option: Belhaven offers a “Test-Optional” option for applicants with a strong high school GPA (at least 2.75). This allows you to forgo submitting standardized test scores if your GPA demonstrates academic ability.

Remember, a strong application goes beyond just GPA. Letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and your application essay can all play a role in the admissions decision. For the most up-to-date information and specific requirements for your situation, contacting Belhaven’s admissions office directly is advisable.

Is Belhaven University respected?

Whether Belhaven University is “respected” depends on your specific criteria for respect. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Respected for its Christian Focus:

  • Belhaven is certainly well-respected within Christian higher education circles. Its emphasis on integrating faith and learning resonates with students seeking a Christ-centered education.

Respected for Specific Programs:

  • Belhaven holds national accreditation in all four major arts disciplines: music, dance, theater, and visual arts. This distinction earns them respect within the arts education community.

Academic Recognition:

  • Belhaven’s ranking in U.S. News & World Report isn’t at the very top, but they are ranked within the National Universities category (#395-435 out of 439). This indicates a basic level of academic recognition.
  • They’ve also received recognition for their online programs by U.S. News & World Report.

Factors to Consider:

  • Your Priorities: If a strong Christian environment and a focus on faith are paramount, Belhaven is likely well-respected in your eyes.
  • Career Path: For certain career paths, particularly in the arts, Belhaven’s specific program accreditations might be well-respected by employers.
  • Transferring vs. Job Market: If you plan to transfer to another university or enter a highly competitive job market, a higher-ranked university might be more recognized by employers or graduate schools.


Belhaven University has earned a niche reputation for its Christ-centered approach and strong arts programs. Their national accreditation and U.S. News & World Report ranking indicate a baseline level of academic respectability.


  • Consider your priorities for your education and career path.
  • Research specific program rankings within your field of interest.
  • Compare Belhaven to other universities you’re considering.

Ultimately, the “respect” factor is subjective. By understanding Belhaven’s strengths and your needs, you can determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the admission requirements? 

Admission requirements vary depending on the program you choose. Generally, applicants will need to submit a high school transcript or GED, standardized test scores (ACT or SAT), and an application essay. Belhaven also considers factors like extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation. You can find specific requirements on the Belhaven website.

Does Belhaven offer financial aid? 

Yes, Belhaven offers a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, and loans. The university encourages all students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine their eligibility.

Is Belhaven a good fit for international students? 

Absolutely! Belhaven welcomes international students from all over the world. They offer a streamlined admissions process, support services, and both on-campus and online programs to accommodate international students.

Can I transfer credits to Belhaven? 

Belhaven generally accepts transfer credits from accredited institutions. The exact number of transferable credits will depend on your previous coursework. The university has a dedicated team to help you evaluate your transcripts and determine transfer eligibility.

What are the benefits of online learning at Belhaven? 

Belhaven’s online programs offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to complete your degree at your own pace and on your own schedule. The online format provides access to qualified faculty and a supportive learning community.

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